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Tangofreunde Berlin GbR
Schönwalder Str. 23
13347 Berlin

Phone: +491745411067


All texts are © Tangofreunde Berlin GbR and may not be used elsewhere without our permission!

Our cover photos were taken by © Magdalena Smolarska and © Rebekka Weckesser.

Photographs may not be downloaded and used elsewhere without the photographer’s consent and permission.

Privacy and Data Protection

Here is if and how we use your personal data in the following cases:

Contacting us

  • When: you contact us by email, phone, or through other communication channels
  • Data used: your contact information (email address, phone number, your name)
  • Why we use it: to respond to information requests, to fulfil a contract with you, or to take steps at your request prior to us entering into a contract (GDPR art. 6 section 1b)

Visiting our website

  • When: every time you visit our website
  • Data used: your IP address, usage data (e.g. pages visited, time of visit, errors, browser used). We use a session cookie to enable you to register for our events and purchase tickets for these. The session cookie gets deleted whenever you close our site.
  • 3rd party access: Our web host IP Projects collects your data for us (see our contract).
  • Why we use it: We keep server logs for seven days for security reasons, to protect ourselves in the event of hacking or denial-of-service attacks, and to analyse website errors and malfunctions (GDPR art. 6 section 1f)

Registering for our events

  • When: you register for one of our events after you have consented to us processing your data.
  • Data used: your name, email address, country, city. The event you registered for and your chosen ticket. If you register as a couple, your partner’s name, email address, country, and city.
  • Why we use it: To process your registration and allow you to take part in our events (GDPR art. 6 section 1a, 1b, ); to meet our legal obligations (GDPR art. 6 section 1c). We are legally required to keep records of monetary business transactions with you for 10 years.

Paying through Paypal Express (with or without a paypal account)

  • When: you pay for your ticket using Paypal.
  • Data used: payment history, customer data provided by Paypal. We do not control the data that you provide to Paypal to make your payment, nor do we have access to it apart from the payments you make to us. Please refer to their privacy policy.
  • Why we use it: To fulfil our contract with you (GDPR art. 6 section 1b).

Email Newsletter Subscriptions

  • When: every time we send you our newsletter
  • Data used: your email address, your email reading status (whether an email was opened and if so, what links were clicked on). You can revoke your subscription any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in every newletter or by contacting us.
  • 3rd party access: We use Mailchimp to automate email marketing. Mailchimp is certified by Privacy Shield and processes your data according to their privacy regulations.
  • Why we use it: to send offers and information to our customers (GDPR art. 6 section 1f) and to other persons having requested these by subscribing to our newsletter (GDPR art 6. section 1a). We analyse opening and click-through rates to improve newsletter design and content. We reserve the right to save your email address for three years even after you have unsubscribed as evidence of a former legitimate data-processing contract. If we blacklist your email address for spamming or other malicious actions, we reserve the right to keep it for as long as we need to protect our service from these actions.