Berlin Tango Marathon


As we would like the event to be pleasant for all dancers, the selection of participants is based on the registration time and order, and on the balance of leaders and followers. The marathon is organized by Gaia Pisauro and Naomi D'Amour.

Registration for the new edition of the Corazon Berlin Tango Marathon in Berlin will open on the 24th of January 2020, 20:00 German Time.

Registrations will only be accepted through the registration form that you will get in an E-mail with a personal Link

If you want to be informed on the events and receive invitations, you have to register your email address. You can do so using this form: Email address registration.


Information ONLY by E-mail to info[at]berlintangomarathon[dot]com


Contribution for the marathon is 100€ per participant. The contribution includes: the marathon entry and food during the marathon: 2x brunch (SAT/SUN), , 1 x Cake time (SAT) and 2x night-snacks, Empanadas or Pizza (FRI/SAT), juice, Tea, coffee.

We do not provide accommodation options but you can post your request or offer in our Facebook group: facebook Group

This is how we do it!


1. BALANCE: The registration for the marathon is gender-balanced. However, due to last-minute cancellations and the unpredictable dancing patterns of the participants, imbalances may occur despite the efforts of the organizers to have a balanced marathon.

2. REGISTRATION: Initial registration is upon invitation only. Partial registration and registrations at the door are not possible. The organizers will refuse access to anyone who shows up without prior registration.

3. REFUNDS: There will be no refunds in cases of cancellation or no-show.

4. REPLACEMENT: Anyone who registers and for some reason cannot attend the marathon normally cannot find a replacement. We might accept a exceptional replacement since not all situations are the same!!!

 Exceptional replacement can be done, but not without the organizers prior agreement subject to the following conditions:

- (a) the replacement must be of the same gender; - (b) the canceling participant must send a message to info[at]berlintangomarathon[dot]com with the full name and email of the replacement; - (c) any fee transfers must be arranged between the participant and the replacement. If conditions (a) and (b) are note met the replacement may be refused access to the marathon.

5. PRIVACY OF INFORMATION: No personal information collected for the purpose of registration will be disclosed to third parties and reasonable care will be taken to keep such information confidential. The organizers may use all collected data only for the purpose of disseminating information about future events by CORAZON Berlin Tango Marathon.


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