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Dear dancers and friends,

Many of you are writing to us, as we decided to postpone Corazon. You all know the situation we all live in.

We are looking for an appropriate time to postpone our marathon to, and dance with all of you. The possible date could be either in August, or in December. Unfortunately, this doesn't depend on us alone, but more on the situation itself, on the availability of the location, on the many other events that have been postponed, too. We are trying to figure this out as fast as we can, as good as we can: for you and for ourselves.

We would like to ask you for some patience. As you might imagine, we already paid the rent, the DJs and had additional expenses, and we are trying to answer to all of you, as quick as we can. We just need some time to figure out all of this. We were not prepared for this, nobody was.

For the ones who want their money back, we will refund 80% of the fee, we just need some time. Many of you showed empathy, saying that they will join Corazon, whenever it will be postponed to; some even offered their fee, in order to support Tango in this difficult time, where many professionals, us included, cannot work and cannot earn anything at all. It's touching, and we are very grateful for that.

I hope, you all are doing as fine as possible, in these crazy times we live in.

Stay healthy and be safe, with your loved ones.

Our next event will be 23th - 25th April 2021

The Berlin Tango Marathon exists since 2003. It is one of the oldest Tango Meetings in Europe!! During 3 days, people come from all over the word to dance and share nice moments in a beautiful Location with a Terrace on the Spree River in a cosy Atmosphere. Some of the best DJs will take care of the music, very tasty food will be provided from a fantastic Catering and a great wooden dance floor is waiting for your steps!! We will have a balance of leaders and followers, a good dance level, and some special guests offering massage or selling shoes, clothes, jewelry...

To be part of our database please use this form: Email address registration.

You will receive a Link to register for every Marathon we organize :)

your Gaia and Naomi


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